Investment Participation: ​Loans are taken in whole or fractional interest. Some investors prefer to take loans in whole, this gives them the sole right of decision throughout the life of the loan. Participating in a loan with other investors is Fractionalized Interest in the Deed of Trust. Fractionalized participation in a loan is a good way to diversify your Trust Deed Portfolio and can help spread your risk over multiple investment types and regions, it also reduces the cost of expenses involved in foreclosure proceedings against a defaulted loan.

Loan To Value (LTV's): Typically the majority of our loans are 65% LTV or lower, properties in prime markets may allow a higher LTV because of faster liquidity, we like the cap at 70%. Higher LTV's may be secured by additional collateral, or qualify by a borrower with very strong financials or high net income generation. A higher LTV is usually compensated with a higher return.

Loan Size: ​We originate loans from $50,000 to $10,000,000 

Loan Position/Term: ​Loans in 1st position are the most secure, although 2nd's will return 11-13% you need the ability to assume the first position financing to be secure. Our average loan terms are 12 to 18 months and 3 years for income producing properties.


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Regional Investing: Invest in areas you are comfortable with, which might be within your county or across the country. We receive loan requests for properties in prime, secondary, and subprime markets all of which have there ups and downs. Prime markets create competitive financing reflecting lower interest rates and higher LTV's, secondary markets which encompass the bulk of residential and non metro commercial are appealing to more investors because of a moderate return on investment and averaged loan size, while the subprime markets which are located outside of metropolitan areas can produce a higher return on investment with smaller loan amount, the risk can be offset by a lower loan to value. Loans made outside of California are generally located in metro or large population markets, and found that properties located in recreational areas to be a secure investment.

Equity/Joint Venture: Participating in a Equity or Joint Venture can bring in larger Returns On Investment, typically in the 15% to 30% range. The majority are new construction of residential or commercial property, returns are based on strait rate or on a percentage of the net profits, with proceeds paid at the sale of the project.

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Return On Investment: Private Money Lending has become more competitive than ever, the days of 12% in all markets are lost to a new emergence of brokers, investors, and savvy borrowers. The truth is 8.5% to 9.5% return will place you in the best loans available, although there are plenty of loans with higher returns in strong subprime areas. 

Income Fund: Our Partnering Real Estate Fund Returners 8% to its Members 

consistently since its inception in 2011. The fund structure is: Investment participation as a membership of interest in a LLC Fund that lends money on Real Property secured by a Deed​ of Trust, with a Manager that underwrites and approves loans financed through the pool. (Call Robert for more information)                     

The Investor Query is the best tool you can use to receive availability of trust deed investment opportunities that fit your criteria. It is important that we know what our investors are looking to invest in, to include regions, loan types, and terms so we can send you new loan opportunities. 


Private Money Loans & Investments

Type of Loans: We originate and fund all types of real estate loans except residential owner occupied, our residential loans consist of rehab, rental properties, and new construction. Most of our commercial property loans are short term, needed for quick purchase or improvements to the property. We do allot of development and construction financing because of our knowledge and experience in this specialized sector of the industry, the greatest value appreciation in real estate generally occurs from the development of real property and provides a substantial equity position for the investors. (Equity Partnerships receive the largest returns, from 15% to 40% return on investment)

Fill out the form and receive High Priority We want you as a client, so if you take the time to fill out this form we will set you up as a high priority investor and might run an add campaign to find a loan that fits into your Trust Deed Portfolio.​ 

We have participated in originating and funding loans all over the country including Hawaii, but our main focus is California. We find that supervising  loans close to home are better as to the performance, communication, and remedy with the borrower or trustor. You may want to invest in loans in your local area when first investing with us, then participate in loans further away once we've gained your trust in our capability to manage investment capital.