Not every investor is suitable to invest in real estate backed trust deeds. You need either a net worth of $500,000 (exclusive of home, furnishings and automobiles) or income greater than $65,000 and a net worth greater than $250,000 (exclusive of home, furnishings, and automobiles).

The Investor Query

Gives us all the information we need to start finding loans that fit your investing criteria by filling out the form.  

We Find Investments for you

​We have the capability to run marketing campaigns in specific regions. Keep us updated on monies available to invest and we will find loans that fit your criteria

Private Money Loans & Investments

Inner Core CapitalHard Money Real Estate Loans & INVESTMENTS

We are putting private investors into the deals they are looking for, in the areas and types of properties they are comfortable investing in.

Our broad base of experience and contacts throughout the country bring in loans of all types and sizes. You tell us what your looking to invest in by choosing regions of California  you're interested in, Property Type, Loan Amounts, Loan to Values, Rate of Return and we get to work qualifying loans that will best fit the needs of your investment portfolio.

​​​Underwriting is the most important skill we possess. 

By following Thorough underwriting guidelines we mitigate out as much risk as possible  and focus on the strength of the property as well as the borrower. We will drive or jump on a plane to personally inspect the property and interview the borrower face to face. This hands on experience gives us deep insight of the property and surrounding area; as well as getting to know the borrower. We receive multiple loan requests every day and can pick out a good deal quickly.  An interview with the borrower gives us insight by asking key questions and determines if we are going to move forward, after preliminary loan terms are agreed to by the borrower, we start a rigorous underwriting process to determine if we will move on to funding.

The Loan Equation

​Property Value + ROI / Risk 

My Loan Equation gives a Specific loan rating based on 10 parameters:

Property Type, Location, Condition = Value

Interest Rate, Rentable Income = ROI

LTV, Strength of Borrower, Loan Amount, Exit Strategy = Risk 

Our Main Obligation to Our Investors Is The Gain

And Preservation Of Their Investment Capital


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